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October 13, 2021

Small Tropicals With Big Impact!

     Are you looking for something to fill that tiny bit of space left on your kitchen counter, bedside table, or shelf? You may be surprised that those empty spaces are just perfect for beautiful, colourful tropical houseplants! They can add a rainbow of hues, and they’ll even help clean the air in your home! Here are some of our favourite tropicals that may be small, but still make a big statement:

Golden Pothos – This low grower is great for cleaning the air plus it can handle any light condition, whether you go with the traditional green & yellow “Golden” variety or the creamy green “Marble Queen”. Keep it trimmed for counter and tabletop settings, let it hang freely in a hanging basket, or even train it up a vertical support for some high impact! Let your pots dry slightly between deep waterings, and feed with an all-purpose fertilizer monthly.

Snake Plant – Slow growing and very resilient, another star in the Clean Air category that also thrives in any light condition! The upright, rigid green foliage can be edged with golden yellow or striped with lighter green tones, depending on the variety. You can relax knowing that your Snake Plant will keep its tight footprint, perfect for filling in corners and tight spaces. Loves to dry out well between deep waterings.

Fittonia – Also called Nerve Plant for its brightly coloured veins that stand out from other greenery. Its low mounding habit makes it a perfect addition to flat surfaces and hanging pots, and it’s a favourite for terrarium collections! Easy to trim to keep a bushy shape.

Rex Begonia – If you’re looking to make a statement, this one’s for you! The colours and patterns are incredibly unique, with some boasting 3 or more colours! Loves the humid life, so bright bathrooms and kitchens are perfect for them.

Polka Dot Plant – Simply adorable with its leaves all spotted with pink, red, or white dots. The brighter the light, the more intense their colour! Let them flower or keep trimmed for a nice bushy mound.

Croton – Wide-leafed Crotons show off colourful veined leaves, while a smaller variety features cute yellow spots. Bright tropical colours couldn’t be easier!

Peperomia – Offers a wide range of foliage shapes and colours. The thick, succulent-like leaves make this an excellent choice for easy care in small containers.

English Ivy – A classic choice for baskets! Let these wispy-looking trailing vines grow long or trim them back to keep full and bushy. Prefers a humid location, like a bathroom or kitchen.

This is a list of a few of our favourite varieties (please note that our selection changes constantly and quickly, so the varieties listed may not be available at all times).

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