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February 19, 2024
Haworthia fasciata cactus or Mah Lai isolated on white background

Plant Profile: Haworthia

     Adorable! Compact! Borderline indestructible! These are just some of the terms that describe Haworthia, one of the most incredible succulents we have in our Cactus & Succulent House. If you’re looking to expand your growing houseplant collection, or are brand new to indoor gardening and looking for a cute yet forgiving plant friend, Haworthia is an excellent choice!

There are quite a lot of varieties within the Haworthia family (well over 100 at the time of this posting, in fact) and the range within this family is incredible to see. They’re very closely related to the Aloe Vera and you can see the resemblance in their tight rosettes of thick, succulent foliage. The most widely known variety features rigid, upright and pointed leaves of dark green with raised, bright white stripes or dashes, while others have short, squat leaves that are just so cute and squishy! But their most attractive feature is their ability to thrive on neglect.

Yes, you read that right: Haworthias can thrive on neglect. Just place your pot in bright, direct sunlight and you can literally forget about it for weeks if not months! (They’ll do just fine in medium light as well; you’ll just have to not water them for a longer period of time). Haworthias are incredibly slow growing and can handle long stretches of drought without even blinking an eye. In fact, the most common issue with growing Haworthias is over-watering! So if you wonder “hey, have I watered my Haworthia yet this month?” go ahead and wait another week, at least – they can handle it.

Light: At least 4 hours of bright, sunny direct light, though Haworthia can tolerate medium light conditions. Low light settings are not recommended.

Water: Let plants dry out very very well between deep waterings (removing any excess water from the saucer); you may need to water your pots several times to allow the soil to thoroughly absorb the moisture. Plants will require less frequent watering during the fall and winter months, when the days are shorter and sunlight less intense.
The most common issue with Haworthia is over-watering, either by allowing plants to sit in water for too long or watering too frequently.

Fertilizer: Like other Succulents, Haworthias are very very slow growers and only need to be fed during their growing seasons. Feed with a Cactus fertilizer once in spring and once in summer – or you can use an all-purpose fertilizer at half strength.

Repotting: Haworthia like to be pot bound. When there is more root than soil, go up by 1 pot size – if you choose too large a pot, the soil will not dry out evenly and could result in root rot. Always choose a pot with drainage, and use Succulent and Cacti potting soil which has added sand for even further drainage.

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