About Us

Family owned and operated in Breslau, Ontario since 1959!
Belgian Nursery is a specialized greenhouse destination for the community, and a landmark known for providing healthy plants and expertise in a lush and beautiful setting.


We aim to grow and provide top quality plants for both indoor and outdoor gardens, while creating a unique environment for people of all ages to enjoy. We are open year-round; our hours and product selection change with the seasons.


The story of Belgian Nursery is a story of growth: the growth of a family, the growth of a community, and the growth of the beautiful plants that unite them. As we continue to evolve, it is our deep roots that allow us to thrive by maintaining a tradition that embraces growth, change, and creativity. We look forward to many more decades together Celebrating Plants & The People Who Love Them!

Our Plants & Products:

We’re proud to provide quality plants for our community. Belgian Nursery carries the following Plants & Products:

  • Tropical Houseplants (Year-Round)
  • Cacti & Succulents (Year-Round)
  • Orchids & Bonsai (Year-Round)
  • Annuals (May – June)
  • Vegetable Plants (May – June)
  • Perennials (April – Oct)
  • Fresh Potted Herbs (April – June)
  • Decorative Pots
  • Clay & Plastic Pots & Saucers
  • Garden & Home Décor
  • Gardening Supplies such as fertilizers, insecticides, hand tools.
  • Bagged Soils, Stones & Mulch
  • Seeds & Seed Starting Supplies


Discontinued Plants & Products:

To streamline our offerings, we no longer carry the following products:

  • Shrubs
  • Waterplants
  • Poinsettias
  • Artificial Christmas Trees & Christmas Décor
  • Cut Flowers & Mixed Bunches
  • Artificial Flowers

Facts about Belgian Nursery:

  • There are presently 97,500 square feet (2.16 acres) of total growing area on 16 acres of property.
  • Glass-covered heated buildings cover 32,400 square feet.
  • The gutter-connected poly houses cover 41,312 square feet.
  • The individual poly houses (Hoop Houses) cover 8,640 square feet.
  • The outside growing area covers 15,000 square feet.
  • We have a 5,400 square foot greenhouse dedicated to Cacti and Succulents.
  • We grow nearly all our Annuals and Vegetable plants, and some Perennials.
  • Other space is used for display areas such as our pond, gazebo and various Annual and Perennial flower beds which serve as living displays of our plants products.
  • We ship in Tropical Houseplants, Cacti, Perennials, Hardy Vines, and some Annuals.
  • Greenhouses are heated by hot water coming from 5 gas fired boilers that can produce 20 million BTUs.
  • Water is supplied from 2 deep wells and is routed through a system to adjust pH levels and add water-soluble fertilizers for our crops.
  • Hanging baskets are watered by drip irrigation. All other plants are watered by hand with hoses.

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