Visiting the Greenhouses:

Can I bring my dog / pet with me?

We are service animals only. No pets please.

Is food and/or drinks permitted in the greenhouses?

YES! We ask that you are responsible with your waste and use the waste cans provided.  

Do you have sitting areas and/or chairs available?

Sitting areas are available in the greenhouses for customers.

Where are the birds? 

The birds have moved to private homes for a more private life.


Outdoor Plants:

When do the Annual greenhouses open? Why are they closed off?

Our Annual greenhouses are open to customer shopping in early May. Our team members are busy planting and filling over 1 acre of Annuals from February until late April, and during this time we also have a lot of shipments and heavy machinery going through the greenhouses. For everyone’s safety, these areas are closed to customers until early May.

Do you sell fruit trees or cedars?

We do not sell shrubs or trees.

Your hanging baskets are very high up, how do I get one down?

Our hanging baskets can be very heavy, so please ask one of our team members for assistance.

When does your Perennial Centre open?

Our Perennial Centre is open to customer shopping from mid-March until early October.

Do you offer garden design and/or landscaping services?

While we would be happy to offer suggestions for your gardening needs, we do not offer design or landscaping services.

Do you do custom planters or hanging baskets?

We do not do custom orders or arrangements; however Belgian plants and grows over 6,000 hanging baskets and planters in a wide range of sun and shade combinations.

When is the best time to plant outdoors?

For Annuals, it is safe to plant outdoors once the day and night temperatures stay above 10°C, usually around the May long weekend (May 24th). Check the weather reports daily and keep your Annuals protected from cold temperatures and frost.

Perennials can be planted any time from spring to fall. Many gardeners prefer to plant in spring to ensure as much root growth as possible, and some like to wait until the weather cools in fall. If you choose to plant in summer, be prepared to water deeply and regularly as needed to combat the summer heat and drought.

Fall Bulbs are available in early September and can be planted up until the ground is too frozen to dig.

Do you sell Waterplants and other Pond supplies?
No, we do not sell any products or plants relating to ponds or other outdoor water features.

I’m looking for a specific plant but I don’t know the name, do you carry it?
Not sure but we can find out! If you can take a picture of it (or find one online) you can send it to us by email and we can try to identify it. Or bring the picture with you the next time you visit Belgian and ask one of our knowledgeable team members and we can try our best to identify it!


Indoor Plants:

Do you offer a repotting service?

Yes, we offer in-store repotting for a small additional fee. We are happy to repot plants at the time they are purchased; we can also repot plants or pots you may wish to bring from home, however advance notice is appreciated in such cases. Please note: repotting service is for Houseplants – we do not plant custom planters for outdoors.

Help! My plant is not doing well and dying and I don’t know why, what should I do?

Watering is the #1 cause for Tropical Houseplant issues, either over-watering or under-watering. Know your plants’ individual watering needs to help keep them healthy and thriving. For other concerns, take pictures of the affected areas and email them to info@belgian-nursery.com or bring them to the greenhouses and ask one of our team members.

When are your plants on sale?

Belgian Nursery offers many incredible sales and promotions at varying times throughout the year. Sign up to receive our email newsletters and follow us on social (Instagram & Facebook) to stay updated on current sales and events!

Where are your Poinsettias?

We no longer carry the full assortment of Poinsettias during the winter holiday season. We do offer mini Poinsettias in 2.5” pots, as well as seasonal dish gardens featuring a combination of Tropicals which can include Poinsettias.


General Questions / Miscellaneous:

Are photography sessions and/or photo shoots permitted in the greenhouses?

Photography for personal use only is permitted in the greenhouses during business hours. Please be mindful of other shoppers, and do not move or rearrange any displays.

Professional (paid) photography or photography promoting a product or business are not permitted in the greenhouses.

Do you offer curbside pickup?

Curbside pickup is only available when we are unable to accommodate walk-in customers, and will reopen when we are unable to accommodate in-person shopping at the greenhouse. 

Can I shop online for your plants and products?

Belgian’s online store is currently closed, and will reopen only when we are unable to accommodate in-person shopping at the greenhouses.

Do you deliver?

Unfortunately we do not offer delivery.

Do you accept wholesale orders or contractor pricing?

No – we are a retail-only greenhouse and offer the same pricing to all our customers. We do not offer wholesale sales or contractor accounts.

Do you offer quantity pricing or discounts for gardening groups?

No, we do not offer quantity pricing – all of our plants and products are priced as marked. We offer the same promotional sales and pricing to all our customers.

Do you have Memorial or Cemetery Wreaths?
Belgian no longer carries artificial wreaths or frames.

Do you sell Christmas Trees and/or Fresh Greens for outdoor planters?
We do not sell fresh cut or artificial trees. We have discontinued our “Greens Pots” department and no longer sell Fresh Greens for outdoor displays.


Store Policies


Non-Perishable Merchandise may be exchanged or returned within 7 days of purchase with original receipt.  

To exchange or return products, prices must still be affixed to items along with original receipt. 

Applicable refunds will be returned by same method of original payment. For cash payments, store credit will be issued.



We strive to provide healthy, quality plants.

Once purchased, we pass the responsibility on to you to keep your plants healthy and thriving.

If you are concerned with your plants’ health, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help you determine the issue.


All Plant Purchases are Final Sale.

All Artisan Shoppe Items are Final Sale.

Clearance and Sale Items are Final Sale

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