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October 31, 2020
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Cacti and Succulents: Prickly Plants and their Not-So-Prickly Friends

Cacti and Succulents have been very trendy for years now, and no wonder! They ask for so little and yet offer us so much through their amazing array of shapes, sizes, colours, and even style of spines (those prickly things that make a cactus, well, a cactus). There are thousands of species and varieties in existence, and while we here at Belgian would love to have one of each to call our very own, even our 5,400 sq. ft. Cactus & Succulent House isn’t big enough to hold all of them! Even so, we are able to showcase many, many varieties in our selection of individual pots and dish gardens, as well as in our display gardens.

Walking through our Cactus & Succulent House is a very unique experience; we’ve tried to recreate the beautiful and majestic environment that many of these varieties call home. As such, our glass walls and roof ensure that every ray of sunlight is utilized and appreciated, so much so that we need to cut the gardens back every year before they break through the roof! Luckily (or unluckily, depending on your viewpoint) we know these conditions are not always possible in the average home or office. If you can give your cacti and succulents at least 4 hours of bright, direct sunlight, and only give them a deep thorough drink after they’ve dried out very, very well, you too will be rewarded with your own desert oasis.

As you enter our Cactus & Succulent House, the first thing you’ll notice is the HUGE established gardens throughout the space. They’ve had nearly 30 years to grow and expand upwards, outwards, and especially downwards as their roots are now firmly embedded in the earth. Most of the varieties are surpassing 40 years old, with the exception of “Killer”. Have you met Killer? She’s the huge tree-like cactus (Euphorbia Wakefieldii) way in the back, and she’s probably in the 100 years or more age bracket. And yes, her babies are just as prickly as she is!
You might get a little overwhelmed by the sheer assortment of cacti and succulents; don’t worry, everyone does! We always recommend wandering through the varieties and seeing which one speaks to you. Maybe it’s the tall single Chocolate Drop that would perfectly fit in that sunny corner of your house, or that really cool Zig Zag Cactus in the hanging basket, or that dish garden because you can’t decide on just one variety! Still overwhelmed? Maybe you’re brand new to this world of desert beauties, in which case we like to recommend Haworthia – they actually thrive on neglect!

Whatever your style, there’s sure to be something that catches your eye in our Cactus & Succulent House. It’s a warm desert escape all year long, so come and explore our selection, or even just relax and enjoy it’s beauty!

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