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September 18, 2020
Blog – our top 4 tips

Our Top 4 Tips for Terrific Tropical Houseplants

1. Let your plants tell YOU when they need water. Monitor its soil moisture and water when needed, rather than falling back on the old standard of watering once a week. Watering will vary as the seasons change (more often in summer, less often in winter). Other factors, such as the temperature and humidity levels in your house, will also determine how often your plants need water.

2. Because most low light/easy care plants can go for longer periods between waterings, make sure to give these plants a good, deep watering in order to rehydrate the roots and all the soil. Typically, the best method is to pour water on the surface of the soil until water starts to run out of the bottom of the pot. Drain away any excess water within 10 minutes or so to avoid root rot. Remember to use hard water for plants; artificially softened water will cause salt buildup and can kill your plant.

3. Try to fertilize about every 4th watering – typically every other month in the winter, and once a month in the summer. Always follow the package directions to make sure you are using the correct rates for indoor plants.

4. Only repot when plants become root-bound, meaning that when you pull your plant out of its pot and see more roots than soil. When repotting, only go up one pot size at a time – indoor plants are slow-growing, and enjoy being a little confined.

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