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December 16, 2020
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Our Top 10 Low Light Houseplants!

The shortest day of the year is quickly approaching, but don’t worry – it means that the days will start getting longer very soon! And while it will take a few months for us to get back to the warm, sunny days of spring, we can help bring a little nature indoors with some low-light tolerant houseplants. Check out our list of Top 10 low light tropicals below (bonus: they all help clean the air, too!)

Note: Low Light indicates an area that gets minimal, indirect sunlight for short periods every day, often on east and/or north sides of the building and room interiors. Plants living in these lower light conditions will not dry out as quickly as they would in a higher light area, which means they can go for longer periods of time between deep waterings.

Butterfly Plant (Nephthytis)

Delicate spade-shaped foliage is often green with a silver overlay, with other varieties featuring rosy pink or even red tones! Great in pots and hanging baskets.

Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

A gorgeous houseplant known for its large foliage in varying shades of green and silver that can be variegated or speckled. There are even varieties in shades of deep pink! Their wide arching habit is great for pots and planters.

Dieffenbachia (Dumbcane)

Similar in appearance to Chinese Evergreen, these lush beauties feature large leaves that are primarily creamy or pale yellow with deep green margins and spots. Caution: the sap is toxic so keep away from children and pets.

Dracaena (including Anita, Marginata, Janet Craig, Warneckii, and Corn Plant)

A HUGE family of houseplants that offers such a range of colours and foliage, it’s hard not to find the perfect one! From towering Corn Plant, spiky Marginata, or wide variegated Warneckii, there’s a perfect Dracaena for your home and office. (Yucca is part of the Dracaena family but they’ll be happier in Medium to Bright light).

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

One of the few low light houseplants that flowers! The lush, wide foliage is deep green and is the perfect backdrop for bright white, hooded flowers. Blooms best in medium light, but handles low light areas very well.

Philodendron (trailing and upright varieties)

Most known for the gigantic Monstera/Split Leaf, there is a wide range of foliage and growing habits within this family. Trailing varieties often feature heart-shaped leaves and can be used in a hanging basket or trained up a vertical support.

Pothos, all varieties (Epipremnum)

Similar to the Philodendron, this trailing beauty features lush heart-shaped foliage in shades of solid green or variegated with yellow or cream. Perfect for trailing in a hanging basket, or trained up a vertical support.

Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

When you think “easy care” you are thinking of a Snake Plant! Rigidly upright, the sword-like green foliage can have wide yellow margins or feature bicolour patterns with varying shades of green, grey, and even black.

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum)

A classic, and for good reason! Long, arching variegated foliage of green and white is known for its ability to clean the air and for producing an obscene amount of babies – it’s the plant that keeps on giving!

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas)

Slow and steady! Gorgeous arching foliage is dark green, glossy, and knows how to take its sweet time – don’t be surprised if you only get a few new leaves per year! Handles dry conditions like a champ, so don’t worry if you forget to water it for long periods.

Even if you don’t have gigantic south-facing windows or a spare insulated sunroom, you can still enjoy beautiful colour, lush foliage, and cleaner air with these low light tolerant houseplants.

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