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July 9, 2021
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The Benefits of Weeding!

What is a weed?

My definition of a weed is any plant that grows where you don’t want it to be!

Why we don’t want them:

Besides taking up valuable real estate in the garden and not looking nice enough to stay, weeds compete with other plants for nutrients, light, and water.

How is weeding beneficial?

Besides cutting out the competition for nutrients and growing space? Pulling weeds, pushing a wheelbarrow, using a hoe, and all that bending up and down are great physical activities and are fun ways to keep our bodies healthy!

Tips for Successful Weeding:

  • Weed after a good rainfall when the soil is soft – it will be easier to dig and the roots will come out with a lot less effort.
  • If you can’t do all the weeding yourself, get some help! Weeding is a great chance to get the kids or grandkids into the garden beds.
  • Try to pull the weeds before they go to seed and spread even further around the garden.
  • Remove as much of the root system as possible to discourage future weed growth. Long tap root varieties, like dandelions, are best removed by using a V-shaped tool and pulling straight up. For weeds with more shallow root systems, try scraping below the surface where possible.
  • For vegetable gardens, use a 3-prong cultivator or hoe to remove young weeds weekly as they sprout.
  • Add a thick layer of mulch to help reduce weed growth.
  • Might as well save those dirty dishes for after weeding – that way you’ll have clean hands!

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