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April 16, 2021

Flowering Tropical Houseplants

When it comes to Tropical Houseplants, we often go for beautiful foliage and texture that can be enjoyed in our homes year round. And then there are those bloomers that just make you stop in your tracks and say “WOW!” and you don’t care if it says “high maintenance” or “extra attention” because you just have to have it in your life! And chances are you can, so long as you can give it that extra bit of attention and care to get those gorgeous blooms to pop. Tip: Most flowering tropicals love the sun, so giving them a bright spot with at least 4 hours of direct sunlight every day will make your job a lot easier. And since our northern climate isn’t Florida or the Carolinas, you can expect your flowering tropicals to take a well-deserved rest through the fall and winter.

Bougainvillea: Possibly the most spectacular and dependable of all the flowering tropicals! It grows pretty much however it wants, but will go upright when given a support like bamboo poles. Its arching branches are tipped with clusters of vibrant tissue-paper flowers in shades of hot pink, purple, or even orange. Blooms will only appear on new growth, so pruning after flowering will ensure a healthy dose of bright colour while also controlling those ever-extending branches. Let it dry slightly between deep waterings, and mist daily for extra humidity. A bold statement in any home!

Hibiscus: Technically, there are a lot of plants out there that answer to the name “Hibiscus” but for the sake of today, we’ll focus on the extra pretty one. The upright, glossy green foliage is stunning on its own, and when you add the large, vibrant blooms that can be solid shades of yellow, orange, red, pink, or multicoloured combinations, well, the words “breathless” and “speechless” come to mind. Prune the branches lightly to keep its shape, and mist for extra humidity to keep it extra happy. Often available in bush or tree forms.

Mandevillea/Dipladenia: These colourful vines are being grouped together because, thanks to years of cross-breeding and genetic tweaking, they are pretty much the same plant. Their long tendrils will need some sort of support to grow on, like bamboo stakes or a trellis. Their dark green foliage serves as the perfect backdrop for dramatic, trumpet-shaped blooms in bright shades of red, white, or pink. Perfect as a houseplant, they can also be the star in outdoor planters surrounded by trailing annuals! Let them dry slightly, and trim the branches to keep the plant full and bushy.

Passion Flower: A flower so extraordinary, they take the word “exotic” to the extreme! Their blooms often start off with a base layer of white petals, then a distinct circle of purple or red threads, and topped off with a double-layered yellow stamen that looks like a starfish and a triangle are playing piggy-back. They are so unique they are almost beyond explanation, and their strong, climbing tendrils and green foliage add even more drama! Let them dry slightly and check them often, as they can dry out quicker than other houseplants when in warm, sunny locations.

Jasmine: While its simple white blooms may not blast you with colour like the others in this list, Jasmine’s real beauty lies in its scent! A favourite for perfume and aromatherapy, the small flowers can appear either on long twining vines, while other varieties fall somewhere in between bushy and vine-y. Both will fill your entire room with a heady fragrance, perfect for transporting you to a tranquil teahouse or a tropical mountain; personally, my mind goes to a dim sum restaurant! Let them dry slightly, and trim the branches to keep plants looking full and bushy.

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