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March 2, 2024
Vibrant and Showy Tropicals

Vibrant and Showy Tropicals

Tropical Houseplants give us so much and they ask for so little in return. Their colourful blooms help to brighten our days and caring for their basic needs help to keep us mindful; many varieties even help to clean our air! Belgian’s Tropical greenhouses are filled with amazing Tropical Houseplants in a wide range of sizes, colours, and textures to match any home and style.

Long Lasting Blooms
Not only do Peace Lilies have gorgeous white hooded blooms that can last for weeks, but they also help to clean the air in your home! Their vibrant green foliage stays full and lush all year long, and their wide “footprint” means that they can take in more carbon dioxide from the air than smaller-leafed Tropicals. These easy care Houseplants can even tolerate a wide range of light conditions, from low and indirect all the way to high light, so they can thrive in nearly any spot in your home and office! They like to dry out between waterings; keep in mind that the more light they receive, the faster they’ll dry out so check your pots daily and water deeply as needed.

Anthuriums are a great example of long-lasting colour as their blooms can last for weeks or even months! These unique bloomers feature unique waxy heart-shaped bracts in a choice of bright colours – red is the most popular, and they’re also available in blush pink, white, and even orange or purple! Keep your Anthurium in bright, indirect light and let them dry out slightly between deep waterings. Fun fact: the actual Anthurium flower is the upright creamy white/yellow spike that appear at the top of the heart-shaped “petal” and is called an inflorescence.

Bromeliads are truly unique Tropicals, and not just because there are thousands of them in this one plant family! The stunning rosettes come in a range of sizes and add amazing texture to a room just as they are. But there’s so much more to these rainforest dwellers: Each plant blooms just once, and the large colourful flower bracts can last for months! After flowering, the Bromeliad will start producing baby plants (also called “pups”) from its base which will be exact copies of their mother plant. The pups can be removed from their mother once they’re big enough to handle life on their own. Place your Bromeliad family in medium to bright light and let them dry out slightly between waterings.

Colourful Foliage
If you’re more interested in bright and colourful foliage that will last no matter the time of year, check out a Croton! This bushy grower features an incredible range of colours on every single one of its leaves, often with contrasting veining that really makes the hues pop! They prefer brighter lighting conditions and thrive in medium to bright light whether it’s indirect or direct; if placing your Croton in direct light, especially in summer, try to ease them into the high light area to reduce the risk of sunburn. They like to dry slightly between deep waterings; their pots will dry out faster in high light locations that medium or indirect sunlight but that higher light also brings about brighter, more intensely coloured foliage.

Maybe you’ve got a tabletop that just needs a pop of colour, or a spot in the corner for a hanging basket. A Pothos would be perfect for either spot, as all varieties can handle most light conditions and thrive as either a trailing Houseplant or kept neat and trimmed on a tabletop; they can even be trained up a trellis or moss pole with a little extra help. ‘Neon’ Pothos are an especially colourful variety, with heart-shaped bright chartreuse foliage, while other Pothos are solid green or marbled with yellow or creamy white. All varieties can handle low to high light conditions, which makes them perfect for any spot in your home or office. Bonus: Pothos are low maintenance and are great at helping to clean the air, which means more fresh air for your lungs with very little effort from you!

Make a Tropical Statement
For years, Tropical Houseplants have been making a scene on social media, with the two main players being Fiddle Leaf Fig and Split Leaf Philodendron. Fiddle Leaf Fig, or Ficus lyrata, have thick branches covered with extra large, rigid dark green foliage that make a statement in either its bush or tree form. Fiddle Leafs need extra humidity to keep those huge leaves looking sharp, so mist them regularly and place them in medium light.

Split Leaf Philodendron (also known as Monstera) feature gigantic green leaves that naturally split along the sides when mature. When they get large enough, and they can get quite big, they may even start growing air roots from their thick branches; you can cut these off or leave them as they’re a great way for your Split Leaf to grab more moisture from the air. They like similar conditions to the Fiddle Leaf Fig: medium light and regular misting.

If you’re looking to make a statement but your living room isn’t large enough to house a gigantic Split Leaf, there’s plenty of other options. Rubber Trees (Ficus elastica) have large, slightly tapered foliage that can be deep purple-black or a blended combination of light green and cream; some varieties even have pink and red tones in their mix! Their bushy, slow growing habit is easy to trim to shape, and do best in bright, indirect light with extra humidity. Or if you’re looking for more lush greenery, try a Dieffenbachia! Their large foliage is often creamy or pale yellow with deep green margins and spotting, perfect for adding a touch of living greenery to a space. They can handle low to high light, so they can go just about anywhere in your home. Just be careful: their sap is toxic so keep away from children and pets.

And those are just a few of the Houseplant varieties that can be found in Belgian’s Tropical greenhouses! So come and explore the indoor jungle and find your perfect “statement” piece!

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