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February 1, 2023
Crassula ovata, known as lucky plant or money tree in a white pot in front of a window on a rainy day, selected focus, narrow depth of field

Succulent/Cacti Plant Profile: Jade (Crassula)

     Looking for a houseplant that is both a statement piece AND has the potential to live for several decades? One that requires very little maintenance, is slow growing, loves a bright and sunny spot, and actually wants you to forget to water it? Sounds like you’re looking for a Jade plant!

Jade (or Crassula) plants are known for their rounded, succulent green leaves and thick, woody stems. They can have several stems in a single pot, or have a main “trunk” which can support multiple branches just like a tree! It originates from the desert regions of southeast Africa and will thrive when given a similar environment: plenty of bright, direct sunlight and allowing the soil to dry out very, very well between deep waterings. They are also incredibly slow growing, sometimes only growing an inch or two per year, which means it can stay in its current pot for much longer than other houseplants.

Jades are typically covered in those succulent green leaves, which look amazing but can get heavy. No need to worry if you see its branches start to droop, since Jades are very easy to prune to help keep them looking full and lush. Other Jade varieties, like Spoon Jade or Hobbit, tend to stay low and bushy and will only need an occasional trim.

The Crassula family tree, which includes Jades, has an incredible range of colours and textures! Princess Pine, for one, has upright deep green foliage that looks more like a miniature pine forest in a pot! Plus there are variegated varieties, ones with reddish tones, leaves with ruffled edges, low growing or bushy habits; you can easily fill a dish garden with different Crassula varieties without repetition!

So if you’re looking for a lifelong plant friend for yourself or as a gift, take a wander in our Cactus & Succulent House, where you’ll find our incredible selection of Jade plants all waiting to come home with you!

Light: At least 4 hours of bright, sunny direct light – the more the better!

Water: Let plants dry out very very well between deep waterings (removing any excess water from the saucer); you may need to water your pots several times to allow the soil to thoroughly absorb the moisture. Plants will require less frequent watering during the fall and winter months, when the days are shorter and sunlight less intense.
The most common issue with Jades is over-watering, either by allowing plants to sit in water for too long or watering too frequently.

Fertilizer: Feed with an all-purpose fertilizer every other month.


Repotting: Just like other Succulents and Tropical Houseplants, Jades like to be pot bound. When there is more root than soil, go up by 1 pot size – if you choose a pot that is too large, the soil will not dry out evenly and could result in root rot. Always choose a pot with drainage, and use Succulent and Cacti potting soil which has added sand for even further drainage.

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