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November 25, 2020
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Feeding Our Feathered Friends!

There’s nothing like a bird’s sweet song to help blast away the winter blues, and it’s so easy to bring their delightful voices to your own backyard or balcony. Whether you purchase a bird feeder or simply scatter seeds over the snow, our feathered friends will be grateful for the winter snack. You can even create your own simple feeder with pine cones, peanut/nut butter and seeds! And a bird feeder isn’t just a great gift for the birds, but for anyone on your holiday list, from kids, grandparents, and even teachers!

     Putting out food for the birds is not just for our own benefit. Birds are warm-blooded and need to replenish their energy stores to deal with cold temperatures and long, frigid nights. By offering them a steady supply of high fat and high calorie foods like peanuts, sunflower seeds, and suet, you’ll help them survive through the coldest months. They’ll love you even more if you place the food in a sheltered spot, away from chilly winter winds, but also open enough so they can keep an eye out for danger.

     When it comes to winter feeding, the same issue comes up year after year: squirrels. They’re cute, they’re furry, but they can also be a real nuisance (though you can’t argue with their knack for problem-solving!) If you’d rather keep their dining habits to a minimum, you can use a squirrel-proof feeder, or simply give in and offer them a separate eating area away from the birds.

     Belgian carries a large variety of bird feeders that cater not only to your home’s needs, but also to the different species of birds found in your area. We also offer various types of bird seed and nuts to help all of our backyard friends feel full, healthy, and happy this winter.

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