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March 21, 2024
Child Pothos 2010

Easy Care & Clean Air Tropicals

     Adding some tropical greenery into your home and/or office is a great way to (literally) liven up your living spaces, and there are many easy care options for anyone who may not have the greenest of thumbs. By “easy care” we mean that these varieties require the basics to survive and thrive – light, water, warmth, and occasional feeding – without the need to check up on them constantly. So your Spider Plant will easily forgive you if you forget to water it for a day or two.

Easy care Tropicals are great for anyone just starting their “indoor jungle” since you can easily fill your home with a wide variety of Houseplants without feeling overwhelmed. Many of them can tolerate less-than-ideal situations, such as lower light conditions or slightly irregular watering schedule. Their forgiving nature also makes them great gifts for any novice plant lover who is looking to build up their green thumb muscles.

And Tropicals are not only great for beautifying your home, but they can also help improve your overall health! Their natural “breathing” cycle, where they ‘inhale’ carbon dioxide and ‘exhale’ oxygen, helps to remove toxins from the air while increasing humidity levels. And the best part is that all Houseplants do this, though certain varieties are more productive than others. Tropicals with large leaves have more surface area and more pores on said leaves to expel water molecules, and varieties with higher foliage numbers offer a greater overall number of moisture-expelling pores. Many of them also benefit from being misted every morning, which means even more humidity for you and your indoor spaces!

You don’t even need to turn your home into a jungle or rainforest to feel the effects; just a few Tropicals can help to greatly improve your indoor air quality while requiring very little effort on your part! Check out some of our favourite varieties listed below – they typically tolerate most light conditions and can dry out slightly between waterings, unless otherwise stated. Come explore the Tropical greenhouses and take a piece of our tropical paradise home with you!

Chinese Evergreen: A classic known its large foliage in varying shades of green and silver that can be variegated or speckled; certain varieties even have shades of deep pink! Their wide arching habit is great for pots and planters.

Dracaena (including Marginata, Janet Craig, Warneckii, and Corn Plant): This HUGE family of houseplants offers such a range of colours and foliage, it’s hard not to find the perfect one! Towering Corn Plant, spiky Marginata, and wide-leafed Warneckii and Janet Craig all prefer to dry well between deep waterings.

Peace Lily: The lush, wide foliage is deep green and is the perfect backdrop for bright white, hooded flowers. Blooms best in medium light but handles low light areas very well.

Philodendron (trailing and upright varieties): Trailing varieties range from solid green to chartreuse, with heart-shaped leaves on long tendrils that are perfect for hanging baskets or trained up a vertical support. The gigantic Monstera/Split Leaf has an upright/arching habit with huge leaves that naturally split along its sides.

Pothos, all varieties: Like the Philodendron, this trailing beauty features lush heart-shaped foliage in shades of solid green or variegated with yellow or cream. Perfect for trailing in a hanging basket or trained up a vertical support.

Snake Plant: The easiest of care! Rigidly upright, the sword-like green foliage can have wide yellow margins or feature bicolour patterns with varying shades of green, grey, and even black. Let them dry well between deep waterings.

Spider Plant: A classic! Long, arching variegated foliage of green and white is known for producing a vast number of offspring – it’s the plant that keeps on giving! Perfect for hanging baskets and tabletops.

ZZ Plant: Slow and steady! Gorgeous arching and glossy foliage can be dark green or near-black and is very slow growing – may only produce 1 or 2 leaves a year! Prefers to dry out well between deep waterings.

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