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December 14, 2023
Caring for Plant Gift Rosemary

Care for Your (Plant) Gifts Before You Give!

Many of us are turning to our local greenhouses and nurseries when it comes to holiday lists and gift ideas, and we love this idea for more than the obvious reasons! We all know by now the benefits of having plants and greenery in our homes and offices: self-care, mental health, mindfulness, air quality, the list goes on and on! And when you give someone a tropical houseplant, cactus, or even a small potted spider plant, you are showing the recipient that you care. No words are needed; even a tiny succulent says “I care about you”.

There is, however, the tricky balancing act of purchasing your plant gift and then keeping it alive until you can get it to its new owner. If you’ve got a particular plant variety in mind for those on your list, and don’t want to run the risk of losing out at the greenhouse, you might have to do your shopping weeks before the gifting date. And you want the gift to look its best, so how can you keep the plant thriving until it gets to its new home? Here are some basic plant care tips:

  • Light and Water. These are top 2 most important factors to keeping a plant happy and thriving (at least for the short term). Every plant variety is different and will have its own requirements; luckily, the basic care instructions should be printed on either their tags or on the pot label.
  • Warmth. This is Important Factor #3, and one that is often underestimated. When purchasing your tropical gift, if the outside temperature is under 10°C it will be given its own bag or sleeve to protect it from any chills. Transport your plant(s) within the body of your car – the trunk can get too cold – and bring them straight home! Leaving tropicals in an unheated vehicle can damage them, so make a detour back to your place before you continue your shopping.
  • Remove Any Covering. Once you get the plant to your home, carefully remove the bag or sleeve (being aware of any stems, foliage, or cactus spines) and place your gift in a spot where it can receive the warmth and light conditions it needs. If you’re careful, you can remove the sleeve in one piece and reuse it as wrapping for gift time.
  • When in doubt, ask for help! Our team at Belgian Nursery are more than happy to help you with your gift purchases! We can give advice on plant varieties, light requirements, and level of plant care required. And feel free to take one of our informational brochures that are conveniently located at our front cash; they’re filled with tips and advice to help keep your plant presents looking and feeling their best. And of course, our website has tons of information, care tips, specifics on plant varieties, and even helpful blogs!

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