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Looking for more information about particular plants? Enter the name of your plant below to search our plant search database for more specific information! This listing contains care information about Tropical Houseplants, Cacti & Succulents, Orchids, Bonsai & Air Plants, Perennials, Hardy Fruits & Vegetables, Annuals, Vegetables, and Herbs that we carry.

Not sure of the plant name? Or maybe you’re looking for plants that can thrive in your home’s unique light level? You can access broader search parameters by selecting the plant department or light level, then click “Search”. Low, Medium, and Bright light levels will point you towards our Tropical Houseplants database, while Sun and Shade will send you to Annuals and Perennials that we typically grow and carry during their seasons.

This is a reference listing only. All varieties may not be available at all time. Visit us in store to see our current selection.

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