Gardening Supplies

Tools from Seeding to Harvest

A well assembled gardener’s tool kit can make your garden chores easier, faster, and even enjoyable! From brightly coloured watering cans and misters to seed starting supplies, we have a wide variety of products to satisfy both fashion and function. We also offer a great selection of quality hand tools and gloves, including kid-sized options for all your little helpers! We do not carry large tools such as shovels, spades, or garden hoses.

Wraps and Fabrics

Landscape fabric is an excellent method for reducing weed growth. Laid around your established plants or in a new garden, it creates a barrier against weeds while allowing water to reach the roots. For best results, top with mulch or stone. Burlap and tree wraps are also available for protecting tender shrubs for winter. 

Trellises & Plant Supports

Sometimes we all need a little support! Belgian carries a large selection of trellises and plant supports including decorative obelisks, tomato cages (both plain & pretty!), peony rings, bamboo stakes, garden twine, and plant clips to help keep your plants standing straight and tall.


Fertilizers play an important role in achieving optimum results for your indoor and outdoor plants, providing them with much needed nutrients to help them reach their full potential. We carry a large selection of water soluble, liquid, slow release, and granular fertilizers for both gardens and pots, including select organic and natural options. Sorry, we do not carry bagged lawn fertilizer.

Soil Additives

Successful gardening begins with a strong foundation, and this means having the best soil conditions possible. If your soil isn’t naturally ideal, we have a great collection of soil additives to help make it the best possible home for your plants. We have lime and soil acidifiers to correct pH, manures and compost to add nutrients, hen manure for both fertilizing and deterring critters, as well as vermiculite, perlite, peat moss, and sand for texture and drainage.

Seed Starting Supplies

We carry a wide range of seeds and seeding supplies for those who cannot wait to get their garden growing! From January to August you can find our full seed selection, including an array of flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Select seed varieties are available year-round. We also have seeding trays, domes, individual pots, seeding soil, misters, and rooting hormone to complete your home growing experience.

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