Garden & Home Decor

Transform your home and garden into a retreat that’s perfect for relaxing, entertaining, and everything in between! Belgian’s Decorative Pot Shop is filled with ceramic pots, saucers, and pot covers in a rainbow of colours and styles, perfect for finishing off every piece of your personal “jungle”. Our selection of Metal Wall Art, including birds, butterflies, foliage, and more, offers the perfect accent for both indoor and outdoor settings. Salt Rock Lamps are not only beautiful sources of light, they are also known to improve mood and bring about peace of mind. We also have Garden Flags for a wide range of occasions and seasons, from colourful blooms to holiday scenes.

We carry a range of Woodstock Precision-Tuned Windchimes, each with their own unique tones to add music and harmony to every home. There are also natural bamboo windchimes, a perfect addition to any Zen garden. Add your own natural soundtrack by adding a Bird Feeder and Bird Bath to your outdoor spaces. Finish off that peaceful feeling with one of our Buddha statues, or add a bit of whimsy with our other statues of animals, Gnomes, rabbits, frogs, and more. Many are great gifts for your friends, your family or a treat for yourself!

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