Artisan Shoppe

Belgian Nursery is excited to introduce our new Artisan Shoppe! Located in our Main Store, the Artisan Shoppe offers uniquely designed, quality handmade products from local Artists, Makers, and Artisans, all produced in Canada and available year round.

Our Artisan Shoppe features eclectic and unique creations from a range of local artists. Choose from a selection of handmade pottery, home and garden décor, and beautiful artwork including themes of gardening, animals, and nature. Find that special, unique gift for everyone on your list (including yourself) while supporting local Artists!


We hope you enjoy browsing Belgian’s Artisan Shoppe!
PLEASE NO PHOTOS of artwork in our Artisan Shoppe


If you’re interested in becoming a Vendor in our Artisan Shoppe:

In order for us to evaluate and record all requests, interested Artisans are required to complete this short questionnaire. As we receive many fantastic artist applications, we will ONLY be contacting the selected vendors as space permits.

Please note that given our unique setting, we cannot offer jewellery, clothing, food items, or work that is especially sensitive to temperature, sunlight, wind, or the high moisture environment of a greenhouse.

We welcome new submissions all year long! Submissions are reviewed on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, volume pending. Thank you for your understanding.

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