...The Pot Shop...


In 1998 we renovated a section of our Tropical House and created “The Pot Shop” with a large selection of pots, available in a selection of small to large and in an array of styles. We receive new shipments of pots regularly, giving you a great selection to choose from all year long. Our "Pot Shop" is full of ceramic, Malaysian, fiberstone, clay, decorative and basic plastic pots, as well as window and deck boxes, just to name a few. We also carry saucers, plant caddies and cork plates to help protect your floors.

Decorative pots are great for houseplants, cacti, dish gardens or indoor arrangements. Many decorative pots are great for using outdoors for the summer; try growing herbs or vegetables in a container! When choosing your pots check to ensure it has drainage, as this allows excess water to flow out the bottom of the pot. However, not all pots come with drainage holes. These can be used indoors and either lined with small stones or used with a slightly smaller plastic pot, which can be removed to help drain excess water. When planting with a pot that has no drainage holes, it's best to water carefully.

-open/close- -open/close- Pots For Outdoors

When using pots outdoors, drainage is recommended to avoid water build up. Pots filled with soil or moisture during the winter months pots are at a risk of cracking, as any moisture will expand and freeze. We recommend pots should not have prolonged exposure to the winter elements; bring them indoors or empty them and store inside a shed or garage, away from snow and ice. However, decorative pots are great for adding fresh Christmas green for the winter months. To decrease the risk of cracking or winter damage to your pots, we recommend making sure they are able to drain and they are not ceramic, clay, Malaysian or tin.