...How to Shop at Belgian...


No matter your gardening skill level - whether you're looking to learn, an established green-thumb, or a landscape professional - we want all of your trips to Belgian to be fun, easy and rewarding! This section will give you a few tips on what to expect and how to get the most out of your shopping experience.

Nursery Maps

With over two dozen interconnected greenhouses, Belgian Nursery is a big place!
The map below will give you a general layout as well as where to find important areas like the Perennial Centre, Cactus House, cashiers and washrooms.

-open/close- -open/close-Nursery Map

Plant Locator Sheets

During the spring season, when plant selection is at its peak, we provide handy plant locator sheets to help you find the most popular items on your shopping list. These directories are updated and reprinted frequently to keep up with the rapid changes in inventory and selection. Availability changes so quickly, however, that complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Shopping Carts & Wagons

We have wagons and carts ( two- and three-levels) located next to the Perennial Centre in front of the Gazebo and Shrub areas. Wagon driving can take a bit of practice, so please be careful and keep an eye out for plants, toes and small children! During busy times, please be conscious of other shoppers around you; try to keep walkways clear and benches accessible. Wagon handles should always be left in the upright position to minimize tripping hazards and driving obstacles. Please be sure that your shopping cart is securely parked before turning your back! Many areas of the nursery are sloped and runaway carts can cause accidents. Empty carts can be left outside of either front door or in the designated Wagon Parking Zone in the west parking lot.

Kids and Pets

Children and pets are always welcome at Belgian! The nursery can be an exciting and educational place for kids to explore and experience colourful and exotic plants from all over the world. We have small birds and animals to visit, and indoor and outdoor ponds with bridges! However, a greenhouse can also be a precarious place for unsupervised children. Be aware of metal benches, rolling carts, spiky cacti, and other customers. Please keep your kids close at all times.

Please note that our shopping carts and wagons are not designed to accommodate children. Strollers are welcome for those with babies or toddlers with tired little legs.

We love animals! Pets are welcome here at Belgian but must be kept on a leash at all times. Please be prepared to remove your pets waste if needed.

Puddles & Streams

With thousands of thirsty plants to keep watered, a greenhouse floor can get rather wet and slippery at times. Please come prepared with adequate footware and clothing. Flip-flops can be particularly slippery on a wet floor, so please use extra caution during sandal season.

Carry Out Service

Whether it's a six-foot cactus or a tray of petunias, we are happy to offer carry out assistance to all customers who need a little help getting to their car. Just ask!
Sorry, we do not offer delivery at this time.


We want everyone to be able to come experience our greenhouses! As such, we have made sure that we are fully wheelchair accessible in all areas of the nursery. Should you require further assistance to shop comfortably or to pick up a plant that's too heavy or hard to reach, our friendly staff are always here to help!

When to Shop

Getting everything on your shopping list each year usually comes down to timing. Many varieties of annuals, vegetables, and other seasonal plants can sell out quickly due to high demand. Here is a quick list of the peak times to shop for your favorite plants. Many of these items are also available year-round, so please follow the links for further details.

Annuals, Vegetables & Herbs*: Early-Mid May
Perennials & Shrubs: May & June
Waterplants: Mid May
Orchids & Bonsai*: March during Hawaiian & Carribean Days
Cacti & Succulents*: January 24 - February 24 during the Cactus Festival
Garden Mums & Fall Bulbs: Early-Mid September
Poinsettias: End of November
Houseplants*: September
Seeds*: January through July
Decorative Pots*: January through December
Christmas Decorations: November & December

(*available year round!)

I know exactly what I want, how do I find it?

During the spring season, Belgian's Nursery Map and Plant Locator Sheets can be excellent tools for checking items off your shopping list. During these peak times, expanded directories are on display throughout the store with a more detailed listing of our current inventory and locations. Signs are also hung throughout the greenhouses to help you find your way around.

I have no idea what I want, where do I start?

If you know where you want to plant, that's an excellent start! We try to organize our outdoor plants primarily by their light requirements. Annuals and Perennials are divided into sunny and shady areas; Houseplants and Cacti are generally organized by size. Take a walk through the greenhouses and see what inspires you! If you have a question about the suitability of a plant for a particular location, just ask one of our knowledgeable staff or refer to the plant's tag or information sign where applicable.