1959 - The Belgian Story Begins!

Maurice (age 54) and Mary Lombaert (age 54) with son Luc (age 8) purchase 3 acres of farmland, a house and a barn...

The 1960s: Let's Get Growing!

The 1970s: Perfect Place for Plant People

The 1980s:
The Great Greenhouse Experience

The 1990s: Plants and People Need Each Other

The 2000s:
A Flower World of Beautiful Plants for People

The 2010s: Plants and People: Together We Grow!

A Message from Luc & Rosie

As the directors of Belgian Nursery, our goal is to provide a setting that all can enjoy while shopping for plants, garden supplies and decor. We are honoured that our children are involved and are part of Belgian Nursery. We are the caretakers for the next generations; what we do now both changes and creates the future. We will become the ancestors for our future great, great grandchildren. Let's make them proud!