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Available from mid-August through September, with best the selection starting around Labour Day. At Belgian we grow over 3,000 10" pots of Garden Mums in a wide range of colours. We also offer Mums in 6” pots which are great for adding to window boxes or planters to create fresh fall décor around your home. Ready-planted Mum planters are also available around the end of August into September.

Ornamental Kale & Cabbage and Purple Fountain Grass are also available to brighten up flower beds, porches and decks for the fall.


-open/close- -open/close-Success with Garden Mums - Care & Tips


Garden Mums require Full Sun to Partial Shade location. Place or plant Mums in a location where they will receive a minimum of 3 hours of light a day.


Watering Garden Mums depends on the weather, so check them daily for water. Mums left in pots will require watering more often then ones planted directly in the ground. Allow pots to dry slightly then water thoroughly. Never let the pots sit in water and avoid allowing them to wilt or dry out completely. During the hot summer temperature we sometimes get in the fall, you may need to water pots and planters more frequently. When planting your Mums in the garden, water regularly when they are freshly planted; then as necessary to encourage roots to grow and the plant to become established.


We recommend using a flowering water-soluble fertilizer every two to three weeks for Garden Mums. 


When repotting your Mums please be careful as the stems are very fragile. Lift the plant carefully out on the pot and set gently into the hole. Fill in the surrounding area with soil and pack in gently. For containers use a quality potting soil. If you are planting in the garden you could top dress with a 3 way mix, black earth or top soil as needed prior to planting.

Garden Mum Tips:

Garden Mums are a tender perennial; sometimes they come back and sometimes they do not. Garden Mums may come back for several years and then a cold winter may take them out, or they may not come back at all after the first year. The best success for overwintering Mums is to plant them as soon as possible in the late summer to early fall to give them a chance to root out before frost. Choose a location that is near a house foundation and/or protected from cold winter winds.

For Mums that do overwinter, you can prune them 1 to 3 times up to Canada Day (July 1st). This will help control the height and create a nice full bushy plant. Pruning after Canada Day will delay the flowering.

September is also the season for Fall Bulbs. Plant these in the fall for colourful spring flowers. Click on the link below to see more!